For over 25 years, Dr. Fetterman has received accolades for his keynote presentations, workshops, evaluation projects, mentorship, executive coaching, management consulting, and leadership in education, evaluation, teaching, medical education, and ethnography. 

Knowledge & Accessibility

  • I've noticed the topic of Empowerment Evaluation as one that stands out not only for its being a "hot" topic and greatly commented upon, but because its "founder" David Fetterman, is the most vocal. I have been impressed by his words and gained much insight from his postings; but more to the point, I am most impressed by his constant presence on the site. Too often in this "flattened" world of ours (to quote Thomas Friedman) where interconnections are increasingly easier, those who are most knowledgeable tend to be the most shielded. Although ubiquity is rampant, getting to the real source is often difficult. So thank you David Fetterman for your unceasing accessibility and commentary. It is appreciated by those of us who are new to the game and is, in fact, empowering. Karen Davis, MsEd candidate, University of Miami. (2013)


Educator, Presenter & Communicator