Using the Power of Rubrics and Technology for Empowerment Evaluation at Google and Beyond

Drs. David Fetterman (President of Fetterman & Associates) and Jason Ravitz (Education Outreach Evaluation Manager) at Google conducted an American Evaluation Association webinar

Drs. David Fetterman and Jason Ravitz

May 31, 2016



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This is the Computer Science Outcomes Networked Improvement Community's empowerment evaluation working group. The learning community of computer science education evaluators and STEM evaluators came together to create a common agenda for the future. This exercise highlights the groups' efforts to establish a 1) mission, 2) take stock or assess their efforts to-date, and 3) plan for the future. Kathy Haynie and Tom McKlin are responsible for the CSONIC effort. David Fetterman and Jason Ravitz facilitated the empowerment evaluation exercise.


The session is available online for viewing here.


They highlighted the use of rubrics to enhance group learning in empowerment evaluation at Google and in higher education, specifically the Pacifica Graduate Institute.  In addition, they demonstrated how analysis of the patterns of student self- and peer ratings helps instructors determine where students/participants understand the concepts and where additional attention is merited. 

Technological tools used included:  Doctopus (manage classroom assignments and assessments), Goobric (teacher assessment tool), Goobric for Students (self- and peer/student assessment), and Google Forms (online surveys).  In addition, they described the Evaluation Planning Worksheet to facilitate the process.



AEA Members can view the recorded webinar.



Using the Power of Rubrics and Technology for Empowerment Evaluation at Google and Beyond

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Drs. Jason Ravitz and David Fetterman

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June 5, 2016


Online Tools and Strategies for Empowerment Evaluation at Google and Beyond:

Building Evaluation Capacity By Harnessing the Power of Rubrics

American Evaluation Association eStudy Webinar

(two 1.5 hour sessions)

Drs. David Fetterman and Jason Ravitz

June 16 & 23, 2026 (2:00-3:30 pm EST

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Provided additional depth into empowerment evaluation concepts and online tools and strategies, ranging from process use and the use of critical friends to using a virtual classroom to facilitate group learning and enhance instruction. Empoewerment evaluation lessons learned at Google were exported to higher education, specifically the Pacifica Graduate Institute.


$15 Million Digital Village Initiative

Designed to help bridge the digital divide in communities of color.  Used empowerment evaluation to faciliate the effort in the Tribal Digital Villge (19 tribes in San Diego, East Palo Alto Digital Villge, and the Baltimore Digital Village.  The community-based change initiative is summarized in publications, blogs, and radio interviews.

Fetterman, D.M. (2013). Empowerment Evaluation in the Digital Villages: Hewlett-Packard's $15 Million Race Toward Social Justice

Stanford:  Stanford University Press.

Additional information available in Stanford Social Innnovations Review blog postings and recorded radio interviews.



WEBINARS and YouTube Videos (sample)


Dr. Fetterman hosts a variety of webinars.  A sample of webinars and YouTube recordings of presentations are presented below:

Ignite Lecture (20 slides in 5 minutes - topic empowerment evaluation)

Communities of Conversation Response to empowerment evaluation questions from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration sponsored service agencies.

University of California, Berkeley (Lecture at the Librarian Association)