Director of Evaluation.  Dr. Fetterman was the Director of Evaluation, Division of Evaluation, in the School of Medicine at Stanford University.  He was responsible for conducting evaluations of the preclinical, clinical, scholarly concentration, and translating discovery components of the curriculum. Dr. Fetterman also collected information concerning clinical performance and residency directors' assessment of PGY-1 alumni.

Advisor.  Dr. Fetterman is also an advisor to the LGBT Medical Education Research Group.  They have published in journals ranging from JAMA to Academic Medicine.

Director of Evaluation, Career Development, and Alumni Relations. He was the Director of Evaluation, Career Development, and Alumni Relations at the School of Education.  Dr. Fetterman created the Virtual Employment Center to help link up students with potential clients to conduct evaluation. 

Director of MA Policy Analysis and Evaluation Program.  He was a Consulting Professor and the Director of the MA Policy Analysis and Evaluation Program in the School of Education for a decade.  The class of 1998-1999 made a generous gift to a local school district in Dr. Fetterman's honor. A collection of alumni class portraits with a brief description of where they went after graduation provides a measure of the promise of this special group of students.


Senior Internal Auditor. Dr. Fetterman was also a Senior Internal Auditor in the Internal Audit Department at Stanford University. He was responsible for conducting or managing audits in academic and administrative departments and the hospitals.

Alumni.  Dr. Fetterman received his Ph.D., AM, and second AM from Stanford University.  He has served as the Director of Alumni Relations in the School of Education, conducted School of Medicine alumni surveys, and lectured at reunion and homecoming events.  He has taught at Stanford both online and face-to-face courses. He has also taught in the continuing education program.  His courses ranged from research methods to gifted and talented education, as well as empowerment evaluation.

For more information about Dr. Fetterman, see his publications pages.