Fetterman & Associates provide management evaluation consultations. They include audits, health and safety, risk management, executive coaching, and revenue generation. Fetterman & Associates specialize in real estate investments, including remodeling efforts.  They also assess program operations, including efficiency and effectiveness of organizations, organizational culture, and organizational learning.





Fetterman & Associates provide auditing services, specializing in operational audits, program evaluations, and suspected irregularities. Dr. Fetterman was a Senior Internal Auditor in Stanford University's audit department for a decade.

Stanford University. Fetterman & Associates have audited academic and administrative departments and the hospitals at Stanford University. Departments include: Controller's Office, Library, Chemistry Department, Engineering Department, Physics Department, and the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Findings were used to inform Board of Trustee decision making.

Fetterman & Associates publish on the topic and their Internal Auditor article has been used as part of the Certified Internal Auditor examination.


Fetterman, D.M. (1986). Operational Auditing in a Teaching Hospital: A Cultural Approach, Internal Auditor, 43(2):48-54.

Fetterman, D.M. (1990). Ethnographic Auditing. In Tierney, W.G. (ed.) Assessing Academic Climates and Cultures, New Directions for Institutional Research. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 68:19-34.

Fetterman, D.M. (1991). Auditing as Institutional Research: A Qualitative Focus. In Fetterman, D.M. (Ed.). Using Qualitative Methods in Institutional Research, New Directions for Institutional Research. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.



Fetterman & Associates provide environmental health and safety evaluations and audits. They also provide reviews of health physics departments. Fetterman & Associates routinely provide risk management consultations.

Stanford University. Dr. Donald Kennedy, former president of Stanford University, appointed Dr. Fetterman as the lead evaluator to assess Stanford's Environmental Health and Safety Facility. Issues ranged from allegations of a cover-up and unethical behavior to waste and mismanagement. Fetterman & Associates worked with the environmenal health and safety department, university administration, legal, public relations, external regulatory agencies, and the media.

University of California, Berkeley. Fetterman & Associates were hired to review both their health an safety department and health physics departments.

University of Illinois. Fetterman & Associates provided the university with a health and safety review and consultation.

Biomedical Research Foundation, Shreveport, Louisiana. Fetterman & Associates provided a risk management consultation.

Fetterman & Associates contribute to the literature in the area.  Their article in The Chronicle of Higher Education had an impact on health and safety in colleges throughout the nation.



Fetterman, D.M. (1990). Health and Safety Issues: Colleges Must Take Steps to Avert Serious Problems. The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 21, p. A 48.






Fetterman & Associates provide executive coaching to enhance leadership and executive decision making. Coaching focuses on planning, strategic thinking, decision making, evaluation, organizational efficiency and effectiveness, risk management, collaborative team work, facilitation skills, listening skills, career ladders, mentorship, marketing, revenue generation, fiscal management, public relations.

Clients include:

  • EdPoint, San Mateo, CA - Internet Company
  • Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto, CA - Computer/printer/technology firm
  • LINK, Palo Alto, CA - Internet-based service linking up researchers with community based organizations.)
  • Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA - higher education
  • Women’s Technology Cluster, San Francisco, CA - Incubator for women led technology businesses


Fetterman & Associates provide consultations concerning marketing and revenue generation. Topics include web design, proposals, portfolio diversification, negative cash flow investments, web analytics, maximizing floats, and real estate appreciation.

Clients include:

  • American Institutes for Research
  • EdPoint
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Knight Foundation, Columbia School of Journalism
  • LINK
  • Osaka University
  • RMC Research Corporation
  • Stanford University
  • Women's Technology Cluster


Fetterman & Associates provide evaluative consulations concerning real estate investments.  They specialize in remodeling property, assessing potential value and maximizing realized value.  An example of their efforts in Menlo Park, California is provided below.

View Before and After Remodeling Property Video

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Fetterman & Associates also specialize in modular home building. They are well versed in zoning reguluations, permitting, and construction concerns in prime real estate markets.  A video of the finished project is presented below.  It is followed by a video of the delivery of the modular home on trailer trucks in a densely populated residential neighborhood.  (Modulars exceed most state building standards and minimize neighborhood disruption since they are primarly built off-site.).

View Tour of Completed Modular Home

View Delivery of Modular Home on Trailer Trucks