Hewlett Foundation

East Palo Alto, California

David Fetterman has been conducting empowerment evaluation workshops in East Palo Alto as part of the One East Palo Alto Project.  One East Palo Alto is a $5 million dollar project funded by the Hewlett Foundation. It is designed to help East Palo Alto citizens build capacity as they revitalize their community.

Here is a brief excerpt from the Haas Center for Public Service report, concerning the project:

"The One East Palo Alto (OEPA) Neighborhood Improvement Initiative is a resident-driven revitalization effort aimed ultimately at improving the physical, economic, and social conditions in targeted neighborhoods within East Palo Alto.  OEPA's plan for improving these conditions starts with the community vision:  One East Palo Alto that is informed, involved, connected, secure, and empowered.  Funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, OEPA involves Peninsula Community Foundation, Community Development Institute, and the Haas Center for Public Service as partners to support neighborhood residents and organizations involved in this initiative."


The Palo Alto Weekly News has an article about the project. Web movies of selected meetings are available. Click on the video below for a brief example.


Contact Dr. David Fetterman for additional details about the empowerment evaluation approach adopted for this project.