Fetterman and Associates Provides Visible and Proactive Educational Services Support for the Following:

  • Systemic academic achievement, assessment for learning, standards, accountability, research, school improvement, data analysis and reporting.
  • Curriculum, standards, instructional enhancement, school improvement and closing achievement gap and school transformation.
  • Professional development and leadership training, capacity building, support and outreach training for teachers, school leaders and school board members.
  • Strategic planning and use of data for longitudinal tracking and growth modeling, data analysis, data frameworks, and support for federal and state initiatives including ESEA, Common Core, and IDEA.
  • Parent outreach and community training support and development.
  • College and career readiness enhancements, including instructional capacity to ensure students are prepared with non-negotiable skills necessary for success in the 21th century.
  • Consultative services for student academic support and organizational turnaround.
  • Educational empowerment evaluations for school environments, school programs and practices to help schools identify successes and weaknesses and develop a framework for successful.