Casey Family Programs

Healthier Communities, Sronger Families, and Thriving Children Program Evaluation

The Casey Family Programs helped community-based organizations in Los Angeles use their existing networks to implement a child abuse and neglect preventino initiative demonstration project.  It was called:  Healthier Communities, Sronger Families, and Thriving Children Program.  LA County child welfare leaders requested that Casey Family Programs help them design and implement an evauatin of the Healthier Communities, Strong Families, and Thriving Children Program.

The result was a unique blend of administrators, program officers, community-based individuals, and evaluators.  The primary purpose of the evaluation effort was to align outcomes for key prevention efforts in Los Angeles and demonstrate outcomes.

Empowerment Evaluation Exercise Facilitated by Dr. Fetterman

The evaluation involved establishing goals, strategies for accomplishing goals, and collecting credible documentation.  The underlying aim was to demonstrate outcomes or results.  However, it was also purposely designed to help build evaluation capacity throughout the effort.

      Dr. Peter Pecora, CFP                         Dr. Christina Christie, UCLA


Dr. Tarek Azzam, Claremont

Graduate University